Headboards and Benches

These 16x16 pillows are 55% linen, 45% rayon, and poly filled. We now offer them in four color options: Linen Natural, Linen Grey, Linen Khaki, and Linen Paprika. You can order any of the images shown in either of the color options by adding -N (Natural), -G (Grey), -K (Khaki), or -P (Paprika) to the end of the WD#.

WD80000 - Buffalo
WD80001 - Barn Owl WD80002 - Black Birds WD80006 - Headdress
WD80008 - Canoe WD80009 - Bull Skull WD80011 - Horse Profile WD80012 - Running Horse
WD80013 - Flies WD80014 - Bobbers WD80015 - Racoon WD80016 - Trout
WD80017 - 2 Bass WD80019 - Bear Scene WD80020 - Bear Cub WD80021 - Deer Profile
WD80022 - Moose Scene WD80023 - Moose Profile WD80024 - Deer Shadow Forest WD80025 - Skis Profile
WD80026 - Sleep, Eat, Ski, Repeat WD80027 - Mama Bear WD80031 - Lab WD80034 - Mistletoe Moose
WD80035 - X-mas Bulbs WD80036 - X-mas Antlers WD80037 - Cityscape WD80038 - Mountains are Calling
WD80038 - CGoing to the Woods WD80040 - Close to Nature WD80041 - Bear on Log WD80042 - Feathers
WD80043 - Dandelion WD80044 - Deer Head Silhouette