Placemats and Table Runners

Standard Leather

Ambush Leather Black Leather Butte Leather

Caribou Leather

Dark Red Leather


Harness Leather

Mesa Espresso Leather

Peacock Leather

Saloon Grey Leather

Sierra Brown Leather

Silver Fox Leather Stallion Leather Timber Leather Tulsa Leather  
Some of our leathers have what is called "pull up". This term means that when the leather is stretched it will lighten in these stress areas. When the leather is released the color will migrate back. The effect is very forgiving and adds character to any application. Some light scratches can be hand rubbed out. Color variations should be expected from hide to hide and within dye lots. Natural characteristics such as healed scars, scratches, neck and belly wrinkles will be apparent throughout the leather.

Upgrade Leather

Brands Leather

Brown & White Hair on Hide

Cosmo Leather Dark Brindle Hair on Hide

Gateway Chocolate Leather

Lonestar Leather Nava Hazelnut Leather Speckled Hair on Hide    
Real leather reflects the trials of life such as healed scars, wrinkles, bites and brands that make each hide different and unique. Color variations and shading are to be expected. Multiple hides are essential to build one piece of furniture.

Faux Leather

Alligator Faux Leather

Brownstone Faux Leather Chaparro Faux Leather Cognac Faux Leather

Colt Coffee Faux Leather

Distressed Black Faux Leather

Ranger Brown Faux Leather

Sable Faux Leather Saffron Taupe Faux Leather

Silt Faux Leather

Stagecoach Faux Leather

Udder Brown Faux Leather

Udder Cream Faux Leather Udder Domino Faux Leather