About Us

Our History

Located within the Treasure Valley region of Idaho, Wooded River takes its name from the Boise River (boise translates to “wooded”). Its beautiful geography has been the source of inspiration for many of our patterns and designs, and products. But even beyond that, the frontier spirit of family, quality, and service indicative of our natural surroundings are ingrained in everything we do.

Wooded River began as a clothing company in 1998 and expanded its offerings into hand-sewn blankets and pillows over the next few years, then soon after into handmade bedding. In 2011, Brandon and Jill Andersen bought Wooded River and increased its footprint to incorporate a national presence in conjunction with our sister company, Fireside Lodge Furniture. Since that time, Wooded River has continued to grow and expand until today when our products can be found in hundreds of stores and thousands of homes and hotels worldwide.


With our products you can rest warmly (inside and out) knowing you’re supporting green practices.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, textiles account for more than 20% of the world’s water pollution. The EPA tells us more than 8 million tons of textiles go to landfills annually. Wooded River doesn’t want to add to those numbers!

That’s why we choose suppliers and mills that follow environmentally sound practices and have made it our goal to increase our recycled and upcycled product offerings every year – and to date, almost two-thirds of our bed ensembles are made from up to 90% recycled fibers.

Become a Partner

Do you love Wooded River’s creations? As a manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we serve the interior design, hospitality, and retail industries. Our products are available to the general consumer through hundreds of stores and online dealers across North America and overseas. Furthermore, hundreds of resort and vacation properties rely on our commercial-quality products to create the right ambiance for their guests.

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